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That’s according to Cris Carter, who believes James shouldn’t have to “settle” for anyone else other than Durant.

In a summer which will see a host of the best NBA players hit free agency, Durant is arguably the best player potentially available.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP is expected to opt out of the final year of his contract to seek a max deal.

And several reports in recent weeks have suggested he will look to leave the Golden State Warriors, with the New York Knicks, LA Clippers and Lakers heavily linked.

It seems the Knicks are the favourites at the moment to sign Durant, with the potential to team him up with another top free agent.

That could lead the Lakers into focussing their efforts elsewhere.

But Carter believes the Lakers shouldn’t give up in the wake of recent reports and ensure they make Durant their No 1 target to partner James.

“I would go after KD,” he said on First Things First.

“I’d go after and get the best basketball player that’s available.

“‘Lets do this together. We could be the greatest combo ever in history playing for the best franchise ever.

“‘You want to live in L.A., lets do this together KD.’

“LeBron would be a drastic help for KD as far as the media, regardless of what KD is saying…

“He needs a big brother once in a while.

“But LeBron needs someone else on the court that can score the basketball, can stretch the defence, get their own shot.

“That’s what I would do.

“Why would I settle if KD is the best player, and I know LeBron thinks that way.

“Kemba? Uh uh. Kyrie? Uh uh. Kawhi? Keep that for yourself, you can go to the Clippers.

“I’m going after KD, I make the biggest pitch to KD. That’s what I would do if I was LeBron James.”

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