2020 horoscope: Money, work & career horoscopes for all 12 star signs for the year ahead



An impulsive career move will have fortunate consequences on your finances. A new job or a change in roles in your existing employment will help you climb the ladder of success. Whatever it takes, you will be determined to reach your goals. People respect your talent and the chance to work abroad, add to your qualifications or take on a more senior role will attract fame and acclaim. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to display your work on a website or at a gallery. It’s a year when your job will be both financially and emotionally rewarding.


As Jupiter travels through your sign, you will be rewarded for all your hard work and diligent effort of the past. Don’t be surprised if a big windfall or exciting job offer arrives as the year begins. Although you aren’t particularly fond of change, you will easily adapt to new circumstances especially when these help you move forward in an ambitious way. In June you will get an opportunity to take a course and add to your qualifications. This will take you even further than you expected. Give some thought to what makes life meaningful to you as the year ends.

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