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The Swedish superstars have been promising new material for over a year. The latest official news was that a single is on the way, backed by a multi-million-pound video which uses computer-generated avatars, or ‘Abbatars’, instead of the stars themselves. The same format is expected to be used for a hugely anticipated tour. But apparently, this is just the tip of the iceberg. A source tells us many more tracks have already been laid down and they sound incredible.

The source said: “Benny has written eight new and totally original songs, so far. Five of which are completely recorded on which the girls have just finished their vocals. 

“The two B’s (Benny and Bjorn) have been playing it coy with their official announcements, so far. But this and more is what is happening behind the scenes. Benny is a bit paranoid not wanting to besmirch their legacy. But, he has nothing to fear, they are all fabulous songs.

“Furthermore, a state of the art video, using new unseen technology, has been shot costing £15 million for an upcoming single release date, still to be decided.”

And as if that is not exciting enough, there’s more.

The source close the band added: “It’s going to be an album at some point.

“Benny is over-cautious as he doesn’t want to stain the band’s legacy with anything inferior so he is taking his time writing new songs. But they are coming together rather quickly, though, by the sounds of it.

“They all sound as though they have never been away with the state-of-the-art recording technology involved. Remember, all of Abba’s original recordings were analogue and these current recordings are digital!”


The band has repeatedly resisted touring or releasing new material until now, not wishing to diminish the perfect memories of their heyday.

Just last week, ABBA’s Benny revealed the Beatles inspire them.

He told Magic Radio: “Some people give up when they have a great chorus, they think the verse is not that important. “But we never worked that way. We try to emulate The Beatles in that respect that every part of the song is important, every instrumental, every little backing vocal, every note is important.”

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