Chelsea news: Frank Lampard praised for ‘brave’ decision that helped beat Jose Mourinho | Football | Sport


“He made a brave call before the game actually, leaving Jorginho out. I thought that was a huge call but they fully deserved it.

“We often have that discussion about ‘It’s all about the players, it’s about the players’ desire and you can get one over on your opposition’, but if the tactics are right from the start, and you saw the Tottenham players looking around in the first half an hour of the game.

“I’ve been there myself, when you’re getting battered on the pitch, you’re looking round thinking ‘How do we problem solve? What do we do?’.

“What you’ve got to do is try and keep it tight and try to get to half time and try and get to half time losing by one goal at the worst and allow Jose to make a team talk that then gets you back in the game.

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