Daily horoscope for July 5: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today


Friday, July 5, enjoys a second consecutive day of a harmonious cosmic atmosphere. The planets Mars and Venus are connected by a minor positive aspect called a semi-sextile. Expect romantic relationships to blossom – and what better time to go out on a date than a Friday night?

A semi-sextile is one of the most of the minor aspects as it can be easily seen.

Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars Astrology, believes enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude and a desire to have fun are consequently the key themes for today.

She said: “After all, it is a Friday, meaning it is a great day to party and have fun.”

However, the astrologer warned, you should not expect today to be a particularly productive one.

Ms Stoichkova explained: “We are edging ever closer a Mercury retrograde on Sunday.

“But even though Mercury retrograde is almost upon, we can still take care of essential work today.”

Yesterday and today are in fact the two most balanced days of the whole week.

The Moon will then go Void for the rest of the day, giving us free rein to experiment.

Little of what really occurs when the Moon is void can be remembered.

his thankfully means there will be no major repercussion even if minor mistakes are made.

An early start this Friday may well give you the edge.

This will help us ease into the day and build momentum into the evening.

Venus is in Cancer while Mars in Leo, love is shy yet respectful, sweet yet proud.

There is a consequential emotional theme to all connections today.

And the lucky ones among us may enjoy a significantly romantic encounter today.

The Moon is connected with the planets Saturn, Neptune and Pluto throughout the day, hinting at less positive forces waiting in the wings.

However lucky Jupiter is also a benign influence, meaning you should be free of worry today.

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