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Downton Abbey is coming to the cinema – five years after the TV show ended and fans were left without their beloved Crawleys. Now, the Crawley family are back and fans are very excited to see what has happened in the intervening years. And for those hoping to see the film, here is how you can make sure you do not miss Downton Abbey.

How do I get tickets for Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey will have a huge release, with it being played in hundreds of cinemas across the UK.

This means fans will very likely be able to pop down to their local cinema to catch the latest goings-on in Downton Abbey.

The best way to book is to use online booking portals, which are available on your cinema’s website.

However, for those not as tech-savvy or whose local cinema does not have these facilities, you are best of calling their box office to book tickets directly.

Showtimes for films are available on your cinema’s website or by searching the timings near you on Google, but many cinemas offer this service over the phone as well.

You can also visit the List Film website to find out which cinemas near you are showing Downton Abbey.

What is Downton Abbey about?

In the film, we have moved forward two years since the TV show and are in 1927.

Lord and Lady Grantham, better known as Robert and Cora Crawley, are still running Downton Abbey with their eldest daughter, Lady Mary Talbot, and their former son in law Tom Branson.

They receive word that King George V and Queen Mary are set visit Downton Abbey, which causes a huge stir among the group.

The family bring back retired butler Mr Carson, who leads the downstairs maids, cooks and valets to make Downton fit for royalty, while Robert and Cora bring their beloved family back to the house, including their middle daughter Lady Edith Pelham, Isobel Grey, and of course, the formidable Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith.

Do I have to have seen the TV series to watch Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey is based on the TV series, so it is unlikely writer Julian Fellowes will reintroduce the characters again to help first time viewers.

However Lesley Nicol, who plays cook Mrs Patmore, offered her advice to first time audience members in an interview on Sunday Brunch.

She said: “If people had never seen it, I recorded a thing where I show all the pictures of everyone and I explain who everybody is.

“So that’s available, but just ask your friend, I would say.

On when the film is set, she added: “There’s a couple of years in between so it’s not exactly following on but it’s not far ahead.

“You couldn’t do that, because half of us would be dead if they went too far on.”

She also said the film is “far more stunning” as well as “cinematic,” so this will be something very special for Downton Abbey fans.

Downton Abbey is in cinemas from September 13

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