Nico Rosberg has Sebastian Vettel F1 exit hope amid Lewis Hamilton battle | F1 | Sport


“Everyone has to deal with it – every company, every person, every sport,” Rosberg added. “Sport in particular is an opportunity because we have such a huge reach.

“24 of the 25 biggest TV broadcasts of all time are sports events. Sport has a lot of power. That is why every sport has to do more and more to ensure that we serve the bigger picture and protect our future. And yes, motorsport has to take part too. Not just with technology transfer, as Formula E does or Formula 1 with lightweight materials, turbo engines and currently hybrids.

“Now the next step has to come. I would like Formula 1 to use synthetic fuels. Because there is still a lot to be done, the price has to be reduced and more efficient manufacturing options have to be found. If this could be used for developing countries, for example, it would be a great bridge until electric cars make the breakthrough there too.

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