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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, is a love story to 1960s Hollywood and features many references to that time. From cameos of frequent collaborators to real life movie stars depicted on screen, Tarantino has gone Easter egg crazy. Did you spot all of these?

Are there any Easter eggs in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood?

Absolutely, Tarantino has gone above and beyond to pack this movie with references.

But these are the top seven that we noticed – and they are definitely worth looking out for on second viewing.


Margot Robbie in Once Upon A Time on Hollywood

Margot Robbie in Once Upon A Time on Hollywood (Image: Sony Pictures)

Rick Dalton vs Steve McQueen

It is clear in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood how Rick Dalton’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) career is supposed to mirror that of Steve McQueen.

The first mention comes right at the beginning of the film, where Rick discusses his TV series Bounty Law, which is likely based on Wanted: Dead or Alive from 1958.

These series starred McQueen, who went on to perform in lauded war epic The Great Escape.

In a flashback shot, we see Rick doing a screen test for McQueen’s role in the film, narrowly missing out.

Rick eventually heads to Italy to perform in a Spaghetti Western, of which he is not a fan whatsoever.

This is clearly a reference to Steve McQueen’s Nevada Smith from 1966, which went on to inspire the name of Indiana Jones.

Steve McQueen even appears in the film, portrayed by English actor Damian Lewis.

Steve McQueen on the set of Bullitt

Steve McQueen features heavily in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (Image: Getty)

The Manson family

The Manson family has quite an important place in the movie, as does the presence of Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie.)

Sharon was brutally murdered, along with four others, by members of the Manson family, all of whom are portrayed in the film.

Of course, Tarantino does not like to do things conventionally, so the story does take some intriguing turns with relation to this family, though we do see Rick living next door to Sharon on Cielo Drive, where she was killed in real life.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood also features Charles Manson, played by Damon Herriman, who is also playing the killer in Netflix’s Mindhunter.

Damon Herriman as Charles Manson

Damon Herriman as Charles Manson in Netflix show Mindhunter (Image: Netflix)

14 Fists of McClusky

One of Rick’s films, ’14 Fists of McClusky’ clearly has its title rooted in another Spaghetti Western, ‘A Fistful of Dollars.’

However, the plot of the movie is something quite different, and is about a man with a quest to kill Nazis.

One scene in the film even shows Rick standing above a group of Nazis with a flamethrower.

This evokes Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds where Brad Pitt’s Lt. Aldo Raine and his crew want to kill Nazis, even to the extent where they go into the box of a theatre armed with guns and flamethrowers to kill Hitler and Goebbels.

At the same event, one of the Italians in the crew uses a fake name to get into the premiere – Antonio Margareti – a real life director Rick works with in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Film premiere at Inglourious Basterds

The film premiere at Inglourious Basterds (Image: The Weinstein Company)

Bruce Lee and The Green Hornet

Bruce Lee’s presence in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been much talked about.

One thing which really hits home is the mention of The Green Hornet, a TV series starring Bruce as Kato, the assistant to the superhero.

When he has an epic fight with stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt,) Cliff regularly refers to him by this name, which also refers to a story about Bruce allegedly walking off the set of crossover episodes of Batman and The Green Hornet and Kato.

In this crossover show with the superheroes, it is alleged Bruce walked off set after he was scripted to lose his fight to Robin, which he refused to do.

The script was reportedly edited so the heroes drew in their fight.

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

Bruce ee also features in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Image: Getty)

Famous Faces

There are countless famous people represented in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Other than the obvious names of Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski, in attendance at their party is a huge number of names.

From The Mamas and The Papas singers Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips, to director Sam Wanamaker, to stars Wayne Maunder, Steve McQueen, Billie Booth, Connie Stevens, Humble Harve Miller, James Stacy and the ill-fated Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski.

Al Pacino in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Al Pacino in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Image: Sony Pictures)

Famous Cameos

Needless to say, Tarantino has gone back through his address book to find some people to star in his film.

Not only has he worked with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, but other frequent collaborators turn up, such as Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell and Bruce Dern.

He also features Tim Roth, though his scene was not included in the theatrical release.

Other than those he works with regularly, famous faces to appear include the late Luke Perry, Al Pacino, Lena Dunham, Damian Lewis, Dakota Fanning and Emily Hirsch.

He also chose daughters of his famous friends to lend a hand to the work, with Uma Thurman’s daughter Maya Hawke, Andie MacDowell’s daughter Margaret Qualley, director Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis, all playing roles.

Zoe Bell in Death Proof

Zoe Bell in Death Proof (Image: The Weinstein Company)

The stunt doubles

With Brad Pitt’s character Cliff being a stuntman, it only seemed right to give roles to some real life stunt doubles.

Zoe Bell, who has featured in Death Proof and The Hateful Eight, features in the film as wife of Kurt Russell, who plays a stunt coordinator.

The pair performed together in Death Proof, where Kurt played Stuntman Mike and was brutally killed by Zoe after his love of killing women came to the fore.

Not only do these stunt doubles get a moment but also Monica Staggs, who also featured in Death Proof, had a role as a horseback rider.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is in cinemas now

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