Sheamus talks potential Bar reunion and explains why Cesaro is underutilised – EXCLUSIVE | WWE | Sport


Sheamus isn’t ruling out a potential reunion of The Bar with Cesaro after he comes back from injury.

The Celtic Warrior has been sidelined ever since April after suffering a reported concussion and that has left his tag team partner on his own on RAW.

The four-time world champion’s return date is currently unknown, however it seems like a reunion with The Swiss Superman is in no way out of the question as they were one of the best tag teams in WWE history.

The two heavyweights used to be sworn rivals but were ultimately paired up in 2016 and they rejuvenated the tag team division as they became five-time tag team champions.

Cesaro is now performing as a singles wrestler but management doesn’t seem to have any exciting plans lined up for him ever since The Bar split.

Sheamus believes the ex-US Champion is underutilised as he sees him as the total package that perfectly combines size, strength, speed and athleticism.

The ex-WWE Champion believes Cesaro has what it takes to make it to the next level and deserves a push to the top.

Sheamus told Express Sport: “I think that The Bar is cemented in WWE history.

“I think what we’ve done in such a short time, including the storyline that led up to The Bar, is epic.

“We’ve cemented our legacy in WWE as The Bar, as a tag team.

“I think it’ll always be there to eventually go back to.

“Cesaro still hasn’t been utilised in the correct way I believe.

“He’s an unbelievable talent, unbelievable ability, strength, size, everything.

“I just think that he’s yet to get his opportunity where he just goes on a run and takes everybody down.

“There’s very few people in WWE that have been there where they hit as hard as I do.

“He hits hard, he hits really hard.”

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