The Masked Singer final: Will the celebrity contestants get a monetary prize?


The Masked Singer has had British viewers hooked since it began airing on ITV earlier this year, with viewers hooked on the twist that contestants perform as quirky characters with a panel of judges trying to figure out their mystery identities.

Tonight, the grand final of The Masked Singer will see one crazy critter named as the first UK winner, as three of the show’s famous contestants – who have kept their identities a secret – will battle it out for the series trophy before all of them are unmasked.

Joel Dommett returns as host tonight for the final of the series, while regular panellists Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, and Ken Jeong get one more chance to guess the famous faces hidden behind the bizarre costumes.

So, do The Masked Singer contestants get paid? And who is paid the most?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the individual salary of the masked celebrities, there has been no information released by ITV.

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However, it was previously revealed by Australian publication, Woman’s Day, that the celebrities from the Australian version of The Masked Singer were paid between $10,000 (£7,664) and $200,000 (£153,290) as sign-on fees and bonuses to appear on the show, with some stars paid even more depending on how many episodes they appeared on.

It is unknown whether ITV has followed suit and taken a similar approach with the UK masked contestants.

However, according to Good House Keeping, when T-Pain won the first series of The Masked Singer US, the singer was awarded a “golden-trophy” with no monetary prize.

T-pain revealed that stars “don’t compete to be paid” but it’s more about “bragging rights” and Bustle has reported the American version of the show is “just for fun”.

They said: “Each person behind the masks is a celebrity of some kind who presumably has plenty of money and opportunities, so it wouldn’t make sense to give them even more.

“Some other celebrity competitions ask competitors to each choose a charity to compete on behalf of, and donate any winnings to, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.”

With the obscure nature of the show, it would make sense for it to be about the laughs and not the cash.

So this could also be a structure that The Masked Singer UK has chosen to follow.

Fun facts about The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a singing competition show that has celebrities conducting incredible musical performances complete with back-up dancers, choreography, and special lighting each week.

The catch is that the competitors are dressed in elaborate costumes that hide their true identities, which will only be revealed when they are eliminated from the competition and are unmasked.

Ahead of the show’s season finale, here are five things you probably didn’t know about The Masked Singer.

The show is prerecorded

Even though each episode may be new to viewers at home and the screaming audience on TV may make the show seem like it’s being recorded live, the performances are not actually happening in real-time, according to reports.

However, all of the episodes are prerecorded in front of a live audience.

Contestants wear masks during rehearsals and fittings

Even when they’re not performing, contestants wear masks to hide their identities from production staff while on set and during rehearsals.

They also rehearsed at different locations and arrived on set at different times throughout filming.

Patsy Palmer, who was later revealed to be the Butterfly, told ITV’s Lorraine Kelly that contestants had to wear balaclavas (ski masks) and big hoodies that say “Don’t Talk to Me!” whenever they arrived anywhere related to the show to stay anonymous.

Audience members were not allowed to have any electronics

According to reports, audience members were not allowed any electronics during the filming of The Masked Singer and they had to sign a special contract and check-in any electronics before they entered the building stating that they will be held liable if it was found out they revealed or leaked information of the show.

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